What makes the Acura NSX one of the best supercars

September 25th, 2018 by

The 2019 NSX comes out soon, and we know it has many die-hard fans of the NSX model excited. But why is that? The newest model has all the power, excitement, thrill, and stunning looks expected of a supercar; yet, the poise and refined attitude that is so far away from the expected gaudiness of a supercar has held many aback. Have you seen a Lamborghini on the street? The car (and their owner) seem to shout for attention, as if everyone else on the road is blind.

2019 Acura NSX driving

But I firmly believe the ingenuity and subtlety of the NSX is what makes it the best super car. All of that stems from the initial launch of the NSX, all the way back in 1991. Although originally shown in February of 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show, the vehicle finally launched in 1990 as a 1991 model. Built based off of the success Honda has in the Formula 1 program, Honda took that knowledge and implemented it into a sports car that would give Ferrari a run for its money on the streets (as they had done previously on the track). Legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna was even brought in to assist with the development of both the chassis and suspension.

First Acura NSX

Yet, although Honda was choosing to challenge the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini in the supercar division, the NSX they designed couldn’t have been farther away from other supercars in its style. A design incorporating a small V6 and only 3000-lb curb weight meant that, although the power wasn’t over the top, the speed still was. But as a testament to the efficiency of the of the V6 designed by Honda, their engine could put out 270 horsepower and redline at 8000 rpm.

But even more importantly was the price of the vehicle; whereas most supercars at the time still came down to six figure investment, the NSX new ranged in price from $60,600 to $89,765. Part of this drastic price increase was the eventual design decision to create a Targa model of the NSX. From there, service costs were kept low as well, as the parts used in the NSX were still production line; easily manufactured, quick to creation, and bulk shipping meant the service on an NSX was easily affordable.

First Acura NSX targa

With a design built with Formula 1 racing influence and experience, the NSX not only drives like a dream with smooth starts and easy corners, but shows off a true efficiency of speed. The sci-fi-esque design draws eyes in, questioning the year in which it was designed while still holding true to the tenets of the era. It’s a vehicle that started off fantastic and continues to age well; all of this amazing design has been transferred over to the all-new NSX, and I’m as excited for the new NSX as I was when I first saw a classic NSX. Make sure to check in next month, when we go over the design of the 2019 NSX (and why it should be your next car).


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