The Redesign of the ILX for 2019

December 31st, 2018 by

First introduced back in 2012, the ILX was built as Acura’s newest entry-level vehicle, with affordable pricing and Acura-quality construction as the mainstays within the design. Redesigned in 2016, Acura is again revisiting and refreshing the design with the 2019 ILX, built to modernize and bring the ILX model in-line with the other Acura model designs. And what a refresh it is, as the 2019 ILX looks ready to strut down the road with its stylish redesign.

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The most obvious change to be seen can be found in the front grill; the latest (and last) model to adopt the diamond pentagon grill which replaces the old shield grille that Acura vehicles were previously known for. Flanked on either side of the new grille are the ‘Jewel Eye’ LED headlights as well as sportier, more aggressive body creases. Meanwhile, the rear of the vehicle has received some fresh touch ups as well, with restyled taillights, a relocated license plate mount (moved to the bumper from the trunk lid), and a new bumper with exposed exhaust. Also available are A-Spec trims that includes more exterior colors than ever before, and a new 18-inch wheel design.

The interior has also received a few touch-ups; both front and rear seats are modernized and comfortable, built for the agility of the ILX. The infotainment is the same design as previous years, however, the system has been updated to be 30% more responsive to inputs meaning quicker response times. Safety features that were previously options and now standard includes adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist!

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Although the performance hasn’t been modified, the previous 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder and eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox put out a decent amount of power for such a light vehicle; at 201 horsepower, the ILX is still a joy to drive. Toss the vehicle into Sport mode and the ILX turns into a nimble performer, maintaining high revs and shifting as responsively as a sports car.

But the best note of all is the altered pricing design for the 2019 ILX: the base price of the ILX, including the $995 destination fee, is $26,895, $2200 lower than previous years. This does come at the expense of fewer packages being available for the vehicle, and more equipment included standard (oh the horror), but means the ILX is now an even more affordable, stylish vehicle for those looking to enter into the luxury market and Acura lineup!

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