The Future of the Acura Type S

January 31st, 2020 by

Sedans in today’s automotive market have been slowly but surely losing their appeal. With more and more vehicles available in a field of vehicles types that has consistently been expanding, including types such as the hot hatch, crossover coupe, full-size SUVs, and even wagons making a comeback, sedans just don’t have the utility or uniqueness. Rumor has it that Mercedes-Benz may pull select sedans such as the C-Class from US sales, while Ford sells only one sedan (the 2020 Ford Fusion) after having cut the Taurus and working on cutting the Fiesta; Ford has even stated in 2018 that they would be pulling completely out of sedans, although hasn’t reached that point it would seem.

Yet the Acura Type S, as we’ve previously discussed, is looking to bring back a bit of excitement to the field of sedans. Sedans have come to portray one single design that lacks elegance, identity, and inspiration. The Acura Type S chooses instead to chase those opportunities, with a vehicle that “can be a lot more niche. Sedans can be more of a thing of beauty. They can be more stylish.” These are the words of Ben Davidson, leader of the design team of the Acura Type S concept, and both the vehicle and their design philosophy speak for themselves.

The images display an aggressively styled sedan that more closely resembles a sports car than a family vehicle, but that’s exactly what the design team were hoping to achieve. Muscle car proportions, large tires, and a lowered chassis create a sleek, powerful vehicle that anyone would be excited to be seen in. Even the grille, with a unique and dramatic diamond styling is built for both show AND performance, with hidden enlarged air vents meant to help cool the brakes. Although the rear of the vehicle will retain signature Acura tail lamps, the oversized exhaust ports ensure no one suspects the Type S as being just a family vehicle.

No word has been given to the actual performance of the Type S, and no decision even on the engine itself that will be placed in it. But per Dave Marek, global director of design for Acura, the Type S will set the stage for the return of the high-performance variant in the Acura lineup. With all this is mind, would you be convinced to purchase a sedan for your next vehicle?

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