Acura Type S Reveal

August 30th, 2019 by

Acura has had rumors of a new vehicle being released since 2016 when the Acura Precision Concept was showcased at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. Unveiled by Acura through the below YouTube video, the Type S Concept was showcased just two weeks ago, followed by a full unveiling of this new concept at Pebble Beach. However, the Type S doesn’t just seem to be another concept from Acura, like the Precision was, but instead a fully-fledged option coming within the next 1-2 years.

One of the first things anyone notices about the stylish design from Acura on the Type S is the sleek exterior design with exceptionally aggressive front façade. Taking obvious influence from the Precision Concept, with massive curving lines throughout the doors and almost the exact same headlamps (just see the photos below), the Type S Concept seems to be the younger brother of the Precision Concept.

The Type S won’t be just a singular vehicle though; rather, the current previews have showcased the TLX Type S, meaning other models should receive a similar Type S variant. That means consumers should expect sport variants of all their favorite models that take after the Precision Concept, and even a little from the NSX coming up. The press release even states ““Type S models will deliver a high-performance driving experience with quicker acceleration, nimbler handling and stronger braking performance than conventional Acura models.”

All of this means exciting things coming up for the Acura brand, with new variants of all models, starting with the TLX, designed with a much sportier and aggressive style.

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