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July 31st, 2019 by

Acura’s next updates to the MDX and TLX (or at least concepts of them) have apparently leaked in a most unexpected way. Typically, leaks occur whereby an email is accidently released to the public, or an insider source lets loose some information to an enthusiast group, or even just spy shots of vehicles at testing locations. Yet, this leak was found by a member of the Acurazine forum who was able to extract data from the latest RDX infotainment system that included pictures of the said concepts!

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The first leak involves a render of the 2020 MDX, and it looks fantastic, although not unexpected. With a grille similar to the RDX in style but adjusted for the larger size of the MDX, and headlamps with new LED units within a similar housing. Meanwhile, larger air vents below the headlamps create a sporty façade up front, and new side lines that slim down the MDX just enough to seem even sportier.

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Meanwhile, the TLX redesign looks much more radical compared to the MDX concept images discovered in the RDX infotainment system. A new headlight design with an angular grille, a more rounded, sleeker rooftop, and robust character lines are just the start to this concept rendering discovered. Beyond that, redesigned taillights are showcased, although it’s hard to tell if there are other changes to the rear. One final concept rendering of the interior seems to showcase ambient lighting throughout the vehicle, as many other brands have done.

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With minor redesigns to the MDX and TLX recently, these new leaked concept images showcase some fantastic changes to the vehicles here in the near future. Acura has even released a statement saying “These conceptual renderings were embedded deep in the RDX’s user interface software for placement only. While the renderings are conceptual and based on our Precision Concept design language, we are pleased with the anticipation and positive reaction, and are excited to share details of future Acura products at the appropriate time.” So, as long as the community reactions continue to be positive, many of these changes will likely make it through.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments on these conceptual renderings of the future MDX and TLX!

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