Acura TLX Type S

Acura TLX Type S


Genesis G70 3.3T

The Acura TLX Type S or Genesis G70 3.3T? Equipped with a Ten-Speed Transmission (Rev-Matching Downshift), 355-Horsepower V6 Turbo Engine, and All-Wheel Drive, the Acura TLX Type S is more luxurious than before.

However, if you’re shopping around the Genesis G70 is another classic well-made Sedan. Let’s take a thorough look at the Acura TLX and Genesis G70 to differentiate between the two.

Acura TLX Acura TLX Type S Genesis G70 3.3T
Engine 2.0L Inline-4 3.0L Turbo V6 3.3L Twin-Turbo V6
Horsepower 272 hp 355 hp 365 hp
Performance Standard Enhanced Standard
Gas Mileage Up to 31 MPG Hwy N/A Up to 28 MPG Hwy
Cost Starting at $37,500 Starting at $49,995 Starting at $42,100
Design/Safety Advanced Advanced+ Advanced
Sound System Premium Els Studio 3D Premium Audio Premium

Gas Mileage

Despite its powerful engine, the Acura TLX Type S manages to maintain competitive fuel efficiency, allowing for both exhilarating performance and economical driving. The Genesis G70 also offers decent gas mileage, but it may not match the efficiency of the TLX Type S.

Cost to Own

While the Acura TLX Type S may have a slightly higher initial cost, its exceptional performance, features, and reliability make it a worthwhile investment in the long run. The Genesis G70 may have a lower starting price, but it may lack certain features and performance capabilities found in the TLX Type S.


Acura TLX Type S excels in performance, offering dynamic handling, precise steering, and responsive braking, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts. While the Genesis G70 delivers solid performance, it may not offer the same level of agility and driving dynamics as the TLX Type S.


Acura TLX Type S showcases a sleek and sophisticated design, coupled with advanced safety features and driver-assistance technologies, ensuring peace of mind on the road. The Genesis G70 also offers modern design elements and safety features, but the TLX Type S may offer a more comprehensive suite of safety technologies.

Sound System

The Acura TLX Type S comes equipped with a premium sound system that delivers immersive audio quality, enhancing the overall driving experience with crystal-clear sound. While the Genesis G70 may offer a decent sound system, it may not provide the same level of audio clarity and refinement as the TLX Type S.

Acura TLX Interior
Genesis G70 Interior

In conclusion, the Acura TLX Type S stands out as the preferred model, boasting superior engine performance, horsepower, gas mileage, advanced safety features, and a premium sound system. It is the ultimate choice for discerning drivers seeking an exhilarating and luxurious driving experience.

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